The Fishing Poet is Ruined

Yup… he’s ruined, and I understand it.

Read his piece about his first tarpon experience.  Fantastic stuff and not something I can really except well.

Here it is.

I talked to him soon after he was off the water there in FL and it sounded like he was pretty much thunderstruck with those big, beautiful beasts.

I love bonefish, but tarpon… I think I am not really ready for tarpon, for that level of saltwater affliction. My biggest regret from my trip to Cuba was that I switched to a bonefish-only menu after a tough, tough day of tarpon hunting and the day I switched, the rest of the group got into fish. I would have liked to have gotten into another tarpon… to cast at some, feed some, jump some. They are just such impressive specimens.

Yeah, I understand where he’s coming from.


Yup. I understand.

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  1. Go to Key West for the worm hatch in early June. You don’t have to jump a fish – but you will. To watch thousands upon thousands gather in preparation for this event is mind blowing. Then, to watch 100 lb fish go totally nuts over a worm the size of a..a..well, a small worm is amazing. Some say it’s the taste that drive the fish. Others believe the worm is highly nutritious. I believe the worm has an aphodisiac effect on the tarpon who are at the start of their spawning cycle. Whatever drives them, it is the best tarpon fishing in the world.

  2. Doug Jeffries

    I take it poets aren’t bound by the same rules of punctuation as most of the English speaking world? Or do they get charged extra for periods and commas and stuff?

  3. bonefishbjorn

    I’d say it is widely accepted that poets, are, in fact, not bound by the same rules of punctuation. Fact.

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