El Pescador Vid

I saw this vid and had to share.  Thinking of getting my dad out to Ambergris this summer and the likely spot is actually El Pescador.

Fast forward to about 1:30 to get to the fishing.

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  1. Chris and the gang at El Pescador are GREAT! Wife and I fished there twice in 2007, May and December. May had much better fishing IMO. Weather made sight fishing more difficult in Dec. We fished a lot up in the park, aka Bacalar Chico Reserve. The lagoon out back has lots of bones on the rising tide for DIY. They provide kayaks and canoes too! The DIY on the ocean side was tough as those fish get hit every day. Speaking of those fish, do you have a technique / pattern that works for those tailing fish that have their noses BURIED in turtle grass? These fish are notorious for doing that! These flats are very shallow and covered with turtle grass with these fish often moving in to feed with their backs out of the water. They are pretty much unstalkable (ultra spooky) so you pretty much have to stake out a location and wait for them to come to you.

  2. Good to hear about El Pescador. If I can line up the child care, that looks like what we are going to do.

    I certainly don’t have the answer for fish with their heads in the grass… some day, maybe I will. At this point, interest is vastly out pacing experience for me.

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