It is getting close to Go Time. Functionally, I have one more day before I’m on my way.  Wednesday is chock full of non-packing related activities, culminating with me not even being home on Wednesday night.  So… Tuesday is the last night to put stuff in my bag.

Now is when I start to get a little fidgety.

Have I tied enough of the right flies?  Are my leaders what I need? What am I forgetting?

An unease sets in. A worry.  I won’t be fully relaxed now until my toes are in warm saltwater and I have a rod in my hand.

The countdown is getting down to pretty trivial numbers and I am getting to the point that I really can’t wait.

Singular focus


PS – the bag is getting really, really full. Going to be close.

yeah... I need to get more into this bag

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  1. Nice sling pack. Did you get the fly box package deal? I’m going to try a friend’s older model Orvis sling pack and see if I like it. Maybe your blog followers can guess what the logo on your ‘hats for kids’ will say?
    “Bonefish for a Free Cuba”???
    I brought a soccer, basketball, pump and bb net on my last trip and the outfitter grumbled that he had to order a hoop from Nassau for his kids! Maybe the Cubans will be more appreciative. Anyways, have fun and bring a copy of “Islands in the Stream,” by Hemingway!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    The sling pack is a demo from Orvis, as is a waterproof hip pack under the sling pack. The hip pack will be my go-to.
    The hats… Yellow Dog.
    I’m going to bring some baseballs and some art stuff and some candy for the kids. The Giants need some more pitchers, so I figure I will prime the pump.
    Can’t Wait.

  3. Are you sure you have enough hats !!

  4. your spellchecker went overboard giving you chalk for chock and cultivating for culminating. happens all the time to me. Don’t forget to wear socks with your wading boots. I chafed my ankles raw before I figured that one out. Have a fantastic trip. TIght lines!

  5. Man… some interesting spelling.

    Those hats are to share with the guides down there. A couple shirts to share as well from the folks at Yellow Dog.

  6. Seeing that pic just reminded me that I need new laces for my flats boots for Turks next week!

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