Five for Ryan

A couple weekends ago I was up on my home water with Ryan, a guy I met at a tech meetup in SF almost two years ago. Ryan is mostly a blue-water guy, born and raised in Florida and much more familiar with live bait and Mahi Mahi than the ways of the Long Rod or the waters of his adopted California.

Our first day was on the Lower McCloud, a beautiful river which is tough for those one the steep part of the learning curve. The next day we found ourselves on the Upper McCloud, connected to the Lower, but a really different (and more domesticated) animal.

Ryan’s goal for the day was 2 trout, a doubling of his haul from the previous day. This seemed eminently possible here. Once he had reached that mark he said he was ready to leave whenever I was. I told him we wouldn’t leave until he had five fish landed.

Five. In the books.

Five. In the books.


Five. Landed.


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  1. Sorry, my friend. So Sorry. That rips.

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