Five Goals for 2016

I’m feeling optimistic and so I’m writing a post about how I’d like 2016 to go, from a fishing perspective.

  1. Get some striper action. My local fisher turns out to have stripers in it and, by god, I’m going to catch some in 2016. I hear they aren’t really around until September, or so, and I’ll be checking.
  2. Get somewhere bonefish live. I’m going to catch a bonefish in 2016. I can’t tell you where (probably not Florida, but now that I’ve said that, it will probably be Florida). I can’t tell you when (but dear god I hope it is soon).
  3. Camping + Trout for the girl. The goal is always to get camping twice with my daughter and to get her into some fish. This has happened the past two years and I hope to carry it forward in 2016.
  4. Get on the water with dad. This doesn’t happen too much anymore. I need to get at least a day on the water with my dad in 2016. Last year was a day up in Montana, which could happen again or we could hit the Lower Sac. I’d really like to get on the Klamath with him again, but it takes roughly an infinite number of hours to make that drive from the Bay Area. It needs to happen.
  5. The McCloud. I love this river and I don’t fish it much anymore. I want (and this is my stretch goal) to get one, long day on the Lower McCloud to fish like I used to. If I could share that day with my friend John D, that would be even more ideal.

The McCloud. Closing. Where I am not.

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  1. Sounds cool! Best wishes you get it.

  2. Hope you achieve your goals, man. Happy new year!

  3. My list is your list Bjorn! My daughter just moved from Rhody to SF and I am determined to check out the striper action as well as the rivers to the north. Fish with my kids and go where bonefish live, Check and check, I’d give my non casting arm to spend another day on the water with my Dad. Make that job one. Let’s compare notes next December.

  4. Happy new year! wish you done all goals!

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