Fly Fishing in Salt Wates… well, fishes in salt water

There, in my inbox was a nice little email update from Fly Fishing in Salt Waters’ Mike Mazur about a recent bonefishing adventure in the Bahamas… GBI to Adros.  Having just watched Bonefish: A Fishing Odyssey with my father today, this was just what I needed… some great images and fun accounts of Bahamian bonefishing.

Fly Fishing in Salt Waters has a good website with lots and lots of info, forums, tips, gear reviews and more.  You can sign up for email updates, like the one I got about the Bahamian bonefishing.

Andros Bone

Not only to they fly fish in salt waters, they catch too!

Used with the blessing of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

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  1. Just came across this post and have checked out Fly Fishing In Salt Waters. You’re right, it certainly is a good website; it sets the standard very high! Thanks for sharing.

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