Fly Fishing Journal tribute to Josie

If you are here, you probably already see what the Fly Fishing Journal had to say about the passing of Josie Sands, but, just in case Bonefish on the Brain is your #1 fly fishing news source, I thought I’d share what that fine publication had to say in reflecting on Josie’s passing.

Here’s a well done piece in tribute to Josie Sands.

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  1. You are my #1 source for all news bonefishing. Thanks for sharing. Sad. Sounds like he helped a lot of people!

  2. Truly a sad moment. Josie was truly a class act and a rockstar in the bonefishing world. I had the pleasure of fishing with him on my first day at Andros South 11 years ago. He was everything that I had ever heard about him. I was fishing a 9 wt rod all morning. At lunch break, Josie asked me why I was not using the 8 wt as it was not that windy. I told him it does not get the distance my 9 gets. He posed the question, “Maybe it is the Indian and not the bow?” I challenged him if he could get the entire 100 feet of line out, he could keep the whole rig. He took my challenge giving me some awesome pictures of him casting. At the end, even the mighty Josie could not line that rod. That day was one of the best I have ever had on the water. I will never forget Josie. My prayers go out to his family and all that miss him.

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