The Giggling Goddess goes bonefishing

Humbled by this whole experience I was forced to retreat to a beginners mind , to forget some of the things I’ve learned to which I was attached & allow myself the pleasure of being a student, and not a master in the extravagance of this moment.

via Giggling Goddess Yoga website.

Yoga lover and fly fishing angler goes in search of bonefish in Belize.  You remember your first bonefish? The first time you stepped out onto a flat?  The difficulty of the beginning?

I should add… the quoted paragraph pretty much summed my most of the ladies I guided for the short time I was a fly fishing guide… women made much better students because they’d let their egos go and they would listen, pay attention and didn’t feel like they had to impress the guide.  Ya know, us guys sometimes let pride get in the way of a better experience… just say’n.

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