Aussie Bone Vid

Everything sounds a bit more interesting with an Aussie accent, mate.  This is with True Blue Bones out of Exmouth in Western Australia.  It is the show’s host’s first bonefish and he’s pretty excited about it, which I like.  He had that fish out of water for a hell of a long time, which I didn’t like (air exposure = bad news for bonefish).  Everyone has to learn at some point, I guess.  I didn’t know my first trip out either.

I doubt I’ll ever get there.  The cost is prohibitive both in terms of travel and guiding.  The fishing looks kind of amazing with the possibility of crossing off several pretty interesting species if you have one of those lists.

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  1. Bonefish there will probably (eventually) reach very large sizes once the guides start targeting the bigger singles and doubles. Sounds like they’re fishing fairly deep water and mainly hitting larger groups, which is producing the smaller fish you see in the pics there.

    How about the $$/day, though? WOWZER! I’ve never even heard of a guided day costing that—not even in the Turks & Caicos Islands, where the guides can pretty well charge what they want… and do. The fishing would have to be pretty spectacular to be worth that, I’d say.

    ‘Course, that’s just sour grapes; if I had the money, I’d go.

  2. I know what you mean. I was a bit shocked at the cost too. Folks say it is the cost of fuel and the general remoteness of the place. I found sea kayaks you can rent there for not much at all, but the airfare alone is a killer. This is the second most expensive guiding I’ve seen next to T and C. Not sure I understand it.

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