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Blue Marlin Cove is getting into the game. They just announced they are launching a “bone fishing center” at their existing operation. OK, that makes sense, right?  Still, every time I hear of a new operation on GBI I worry about the carrying capacity of that wonderful island when it comes to the number of operations it can sustain.  There are a host of new lodges (East End Lodge, Water Cay) on the island to compete with the existing ones (Deep Water Cay, North Riding Point, Pelican Bay).

My second trip to Grand Bahama was in the heady economic days of 2010 and, while I wasn’t there at high season, what was clear was that hardly anyone was working. The guide I went with (Captain Perry) had not had a trip all month. His wife worked at one of the lodges and he told me they had not had a customer in 3 weeks. Now, the economy has improved since then (that’s not a political statement, that’s just true), but I do wonder how many bonefishing anglers would be needed to send all the boats out on a single day.

More options are good, right?  Well… I don’t think so. It means it is harder for the guides to get a day of work and I think it would be damn hard to make a living on 1 or 2 days a month.

I hope everyone gets the days they need out there. Love that place.  I’ll be back next Spring Break.

Captain Perry

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  1. In this specific case – it actually might drive more business. Here’s why: The West End is already a Tommy and Carl affair anyway as that family staked that territory out three decades ago. So, from that perspective they will probably get more business from a segment of casual anglers that they would not have fished otherwise. So – the hotel could actually generate additional demand. It also looks like it’s the type of hotel that caters to the Florida weekend Boating crowd, and those are not the type to patronize the high end Lodges of NRP & DWC, or for that matter with the mid priced PB Hotel, WCBL and East End Lodge’s.

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