Guys… come on…

I read this article by Amanda Monthei and cringed.

I’ve interviewed many women here at Bonefish on the Brain over the years and when I do I make a point of not asking the “As a woman…” question. These are not “female anglers,” they are anglers, many/most of more skill and wider traveled than myself. Seems kind of silly to ask the “As a woman…” question, but maybe there is one to ask. Maybe I should be asking “As a woman, how do you deal with all the bullshit from the troglodyte men who participate in this industry?”

Let’s be better people, mkay?

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  1. Yeah, I stared reading that article and could not finish. Wow. Is this really where we are at in our social evolution?

  2. Yeah… I think it is where we are at… sadly. But maybe we are turning a corner since it is all out in the light (or, ya know, a lot of it is).

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