How to get bonefish into everything

There are some things I’m very, very good at.

  1. Making Mac and Cheese from scratch
  2. Being goofy with my little girl
  3. Inserting bonefishing into every possible conversation

First, you have to realize that there is no situation where you CAN’T bring up bonefish. It is appropriate to bring up, always.

Let’s look at a few examples…

“My security deposit was $2,700!”

Wow, that’s about as much as each Florida bonefish contributes to the Florida economy every year!

“I want to go to Hawaii.”

You should go to Oahu or Molokai, that’s where the bonefish are most plentiful. 

“Newcastle is my favorite beer.”

My favorite beer is Kalik because it means I’m in the Bahamas and I’m bonefishing.

“Florida politics are screwed up!”

Agreed. If Florida weren’t so important politically to presidential elections we would have dropped the embargo against Cuba long ago and I’d be able to head there to go bonefishing without a problem!

“The passing of Steve Jobs was really sad.”

I know. I don’t think he ever got to go bonefishing. So sad.

“I wonder how many degrees I’m really separated from Kevin Bacon.”

Down in the Bahamas the bonefishing guides are almost all 1 or 2 degrees away by blood. Everyone is related there, I swear!

“The nightly news has really lost its relevance these days.”

That’s because Tom Brokaw is now off fishing for bonefish and taping Buccaneers and Bones.

See… you can put bonefish into any conversation.  One nice thing about doing that is that it tends to keep conversations short… very short. The other person usually stops talking and walks away, really.

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  1. Nice. Very nice. I agree 100%.

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