How to Skiff

A solid video from Huge Fly Fisherman and probably suggestions most folks reading the blog are already aware of.

I’ll say… the one thing I won’t do on here is offer to let the guide fish if I’m paying $700 for a day of guiding. I want to be cool and all, but I have limited days on the water and that’s a lot of scratch. Other than that… yeah… make an effort. Be kind to the skiff.

(Yes, offering to pole is probably aimed at friends fishing in skiffs belonging to friends. There are a few skiffs I’ve been through friends, but living in CA, most of the skiffs I’m on are ones I’m paying to be on, which does change the math.)

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  1. I agree. Most of it is good, but some of it maybe no. Yeah, when you pay $500. a day plus a hefty tip, I don’t really want to help clean the boat.

  2. Huge Fly Fisherman

    No where in the video does it imply that money was exchanged. Also, Bjorn, I find it amusing that you were criticizing me a couple months ago and now you are reposting my videos for content. Thanks for the share!

  3. A lot of the commentary in that video (particularly the part about offering to pole and help clean the skiff) is from the perspective of fishing with friends in their skiff. Ben’s been in my skiff a bunch, he’s a great guy to fish with, really good angler (Huge Flyfisher) and unless it’s dead calm I don’t let him push pole. That big drum pic was on the front of my skiff. I made him pose for a picture with it because it was his first big black drum.

  4. Apologies for harshing you earlier. I had it wrong. That’s my mistake.

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