I just swam in from Miami and boy is my tail tired

How long is your commute?  I once had to drive 100 miles, but only had to do it twice a month.  Mr. Bonefish, it turns out, can put in some serious miles.

Florida has a tagging program thanks to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and  the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association.  One of those tagged fish was caught and tagged near Key Biscane.  From there it crossed the Gulf Stream (something researchers didn’t know they did) and was caught off Andros, about 186 miles away.  This more than doubled the longest known movement by a bonefish.  This has all sorts of implications… it means Florida bonefish may be intermingling, and maybe interbreeding, with Bahamian bonefish.

That's a long commute, Mr. Bonefish

That’s a long commute, Mr. Bonefish

Here is the news from Science Daily.

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