I like James Taylor

First of all, my wife hates just about anything musically that I like.  Somehow we can both agree on James Taylor.  Another reason I like James Taylor is the song he sings below… Oh Mexico.


We are headed back to Mexico this coming weekend for a week in the mostly sun.  While there there will be a lot of playing in the pools with my daughter, some good meals cooked by my mother-in-law and, if things hold true to past trips, I should get a couple hours every day to go cast in the surf and river mouth for some Jacks, ladyfish and whatever else passes by.

For the trip I got a couple of loaner rods from Orvis. After having cast the Helios a bit in Belize, I got to wondering how the feels.  The Hydros is step down from the Helios, but it is the same blank, just with less premium and slightly heavier components.  Also making the trip South is one of Orvis’s new Access Rods, which  is on the lower price range for Orvis saltwater-ready sticks.

I very much look forward to some time in the pool with my little girl, and some time casting clousers to anything that will eat.

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  1. That sounds great-where in Mexico?

  2. vallarta… No bones, but a nice place anyway.

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