In and Out in Florida

I was in Florida for DAYS and not one of them was a fishing day. I didn’t manage to get a day tacked on to the trip and so, for the first time, I went to and left Florida without casting at anything (which is almost how my actual fishing trip to the Keys went back in June).

I am starting to get my head up a bit and starting to look out at 2016 for a saltwater session. Amazing what that does for the mood.

Not sure when… lots to navigate, but I’ve told my wife I want to Christmas gifts… just a trip… just a week of me in the sun trying to find fish under the shifting and hypnotizing patterns of moving water over the flats.

It’s going to happen… likely back to the Bahamas, and likely more on the DIY side of things with maybe a couple guide days thrown in so I don’t get skunked.

So good to have something to look forward to, even if it hasn’t exactly taken form yet.

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  1. I don’t think it was just you – I know for myself this was a jam packed year as well. That being said, hooray for a new house and new opportunities! I look forward to more BOTB in 2016.

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