Journey Proud

Prior to my Belize trip in November, someone (that’s you Marlow) mentioned the term “journey proud” to me and it has resonated in my head a bit ever since.

With Andros fast approaching I am indeed, again, Journey Proud.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night thinking about flies and rods and leaders and reels.

I spaced on a commitment for my kid’s pre-school… something I just don’t do.

I have a general buzz in my head that certainly won’t cease until my first bonefish is released and swimming away.  There is certainly a lot to do between now and then… I’m still watching for the UPS guy to show up with a couple of packages (one from Redington and one from Skinny Water Culture). I just made sure my Patagonia pants and my Skinny Water Culture shirt were washed.  I want to make sure I have a little ziplock in my flats pack that has some TP in it… to clean my Costa’s (I’ll be taking a new pair of Fantails – not on their site yet – on their first saltwater trip) when they get a little salt spray on them). There are still a few odds and ends to pick up from the store… but I’m getting there.

The rods for the trip are my new Rise 8 wt. (thanks Amanda) and two loaners from Redington, a 7 and 10 (thanks Kara).  The reels and lines are a little more up in the air, but I expect it all to get sorted by the time next Friday rolls around.

The good news is my two Cliff boxes are pretty much full.  I’m still tying, for some reason.  We have a full house all next week involving two adults and three kids as guests, some of whom will be sleeping in the room I use for tying, so… good thing I’m ahead of the curve on filling up those boxes.

No room at the inn (if the inn were my fly boxes)


Get some Rise

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  1. have you ever caught a shark down there?

  2. Well, I certainly haven’t…. I haven’t been to Andros before. My two previous trips to Grand Bahama I saw sharks and I suppose if I were rigged for them, I could have put a cast in. They are there, fo sho, but I”m looking for BONES!

  3. Come on, Bjorn. You can fit at least double what you have in those barns.

    Looking forward to the report.

  4. On that top box… I think I can get another 4 or 6 in there… I just don’t want to get it to the point where I can’t actually see what is in there!

    I’m looking forward to writing the report!

  5. See in your fly box? Is that something that we are supposed to be able to do? You mean it shouldn’t look like one giant wad of fur and sparkle, with a few beady eyes peeking out?

  6. That’s what it looked like when I got started on “the great fly cull of 2011.”

  7. I’m not sure if I’m feeling “journey proud” or panic over all the things I’m starting to realize I don’t have and probably need. Either way, it makes it hard to sleep at night!

    Good looking fly boxes. Nice, fluffy, full of bonefish candy…see you in a week!

  8. I don’t actually NEED that much more… some sunscreen, a large package of long white socks (to wear under my wading boots, one pair a day) and some desitin (the baby rash cream, just in case I get a little chaff between my legs, as can happen in the salt… seriously). Man… I can’t wait. I woke up at 5 this morning for no good reason at all… just buzzing about the trip.

  9. BB, cleaning glasses: Zeiss makes nifty little packets of glasses cleaner, small alcohol wipes . Called “Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths Wipes” Around $8 at Sam’s CLub for a ton, maybe Wal- Mart, and you can get them on-line. Easy to carry, and as you know you can’t clean the polaroids with saltwater. Added benefit: I always share them with the guide after I use. They like it. packets are about the size of an ‘Equal Sweetener” pack.

  10. ps Thanks for the credit on “journey proud” . It’s an old southern Illinois expression (way southern Illinois– 55 north of Paducah KY) about being very excited about a trip. As you mentioned, seems you have a major case, as it should be. How great.

  11. I’ll have to look into that… sounds like a good addition for sure.

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