Just some idle dreaming

It wouldn’t suck… that’s what I’m saying…

to have a little island home

There’s water out the window there.  Looks like a dock.  You could be just a few steps from your skiff.  It’s on a canal, not beach front, but I’d imagine that would be a good thing should any Category 4’s come through.


I’m sure everything is expensive there in terms of food and fuel and whatever else you need.

What would you need to stay there forever?  Maybe income on $1.5M could do it.  You could stay there and live simply and fish every day the winds and the sun align. You could grow old or older getting to know every nook and cranny of Abaco and you could catch more fish than you have any right to.

You might spend most of your money on gas for those long runs and you might spend more than a few thousand dollars on bits of steel and thread and fur and feather.

I can’t imagine you’d meet too many people there.  It might be a kind of quiet existence… just the sound of the boat engine and the wind through the mangroves.

You’d need a lot of sunscreen too, I’d think.

I can almost feel the sun at my back…

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  1. I think you should treat yourself.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    I currently lack the financial resources to buy this little place and the required flats boat. Sadly…

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