Just thinking back

Ya know… I really do love the Bahamas.

Fish on at Deep Water Cay

Fish on at Deep Water Cay

Got to get a little fishing out of Deep Water Cay. I really, really like it out there.

One of the great things about the blog is that it has taken me some very interesting, beautiful, wonderful places.



  1. Great Stuff! Really enjoy your blog.
    All the best,

  2. Cool image. I love how the line is captured mid strip and in a figure eight. I imagine that it zipped through your fingers moments later!

  3. Interesting video. But some advice – if you are fishing for bonefish and have a fish on the line, when a shark appears BREAK THE FISH OFF!

  4. Yeah, Aaron, that is a good call. Interesting thing about the video is that the shark isn’t after the bonefish though. There is a little Lemon shark he’s going after. If you slow down the clip right before the Hammerhead hits the boat you can catch a glimpse of the Lemon.

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