Kauai is nice

Kauai… love the island, even if there weren’t bonefish there.  Had my honeymoon on the island before I discovered bonefish, which was an early key to the marriage lasting longer than the honeymoon.

If you are looking for a place in Kauai that has a very gentle, kid-friendly beach and, just maybe, some frigging monster bonefish… well, this place could do.

The fish aren’t easy and there aren’t a lot of them, but the spot is lovely… don’t know about this EXACT rental, but, ya know… it’s beautiful.  Also check out the camp ground.

Nice place

I caught exactly  zero bonefish here, by the way.  I caught a couple of Bluefin Trevally… they were awesome.  I did SEE my first bonefish however, which is the reason I’m kind of crazy for bonefish.

I did see a Mahi Mahi cruising the shallows… it was lit up like Christmas morning… it was 50 feet from the shore.  It was uninterested in me or the little shrimp pattern.

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