Bonefishing Aitutaki Lagoon… where?

Saw something pop up on my Google Alert for Aitutaki Lagoon… which had me asking “where?”

Aitutaki Lagoon in in the Cook Islands and I’m guessing from the pictures, that there are some nice (NICE) bonefish there.

Not small

Here is what they say about the fishing…

If stalking trophy sized Bonefish in clear shallow water is what you crave then the fly fishing around Akaiami and the lagoon could keep you happy for a lifetime; the fish are big; the water is gin clear and the fishing challenging. You will get shots at trophy fish on a daily basis that will have your knees trembling and your heart threatening to explode from your chest and as your guide Butch Leone will tell you, the opportunity to catch a fish that will leave you with “a smile on your face that you could not wack off with a stick” is around every corner. The fishing is intense and challenging, but the best things in life always are.

Gina’s Akaiami Beach Lodge.  All the prices are listed in New Zealand dollars, which mean nothing to me.  I’m sure the travel costs are not insignificant, nor would the time commitment.  I’m sure this is the kind of place that requires an love of long flights and sleeping medication.  Still… those are some nice bones.

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