Last Ditch for Long Island

We are a man down for Long Island. He’s all paid up, the full payment has already been made to the lodge to cover everything, but going with 5 is not as good as going with 6. We need to even things out. To do that, we just need someone to commit to the trip, to book their airfare and to pay for their trip.

At this point, I’m willing to offer the trip at $500 off so our reluctant departing angler (also known as my dad) can get most of his money back, if not all of it.

So… $1,495, for a week of guided bonefishing on Long Island, March 18-25.

It is the kind of deal you aren’t likely to see again.

If you want to go, it is a first-to-book scenario.

This is where we'll be going... looks kind of nice.

This is where we’ll be going… looks kind of nice.


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