Me, casting, in Belize.

Me, casting, in Belize.

Found this cool little story about fishing Glover’s in Belize from the Miami Herald.

South Water is part of the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding protected marine preserve. The island pokes out of the second largest living reef in the world, rich with giant heads of coral and schools of vibrant reef fish. Our target species lay not there, but in the shallows and coves that tightly ring these islands as well those of Glover’s Reef. Glover’s sits 30 miles offshore. Beyond it, the water rolls out into the open ocean, not to be interrupted again for hundreds of miles.

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The author of this fine piece of work is Brian Irwin (


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  1. I was fortunate to spend a night on one of the islands on Glover Reef in the mid 80s. We were spending three weeks doing marine biology in college and staying at the Smithsonian Research Station on Carrie Bow Caye. Bonefish were the furthest thing from my mind as my fiancé and I searched for a suitable place to have a secluded night and be protected from the nightly rain showers. We saw wonderful wildlife such as manta rays, eagle rays, nurse sharks, frigate birds and colorful reef fish. I was the only student to bring a fishing rig and we caught a 3 foot ‘cuda while trolling. Fortunately we didn’t get ciguatera. I’d love to go back someday and search for those bones and those 50 lb minnow like fish! LOL

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