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California has a lot going for it… Disneyland, Tahoe, gay marriage, wine, Hollywood and more.  Bonefish, however, are a little scarce.  Many have heard about bonefish in San Diego Bay even sometimes north of there (although not in San Francisco Bay).  A kids fishing event in Long Beach has, in past years, turned up bonefish.  I’m guessing they were not record-setting bones, but still good to know.

About 30 different species of fish were snagged during the catch-and-release event last year, Scott said, and the battle for most strange or unusual fish always turns up some oddities. In years past he said he’d seen a lobster, starfish, bonefish, midshipman and even a barnacle-clad fishing pole “some angler must have lost years ago,” be unearthed from the sea.

via Fishing Rodeo Reels In Youngsters – gazettes.com: Lifestyle.

You could bonefish and hit Disneyland in the same day!

Yeah, that's California there.

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  1. Aitutakiflyfish

    Glad to see you posted something on the So. Cal. bonefish.

  2. Long Beach is about as far as you’ll find them… except for whoever found that lone and freezing bonefish in SF Bay waaaayyyyyy back when. I need to get down there and get a few of those SD bones.

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