Longboat Key Bonefish

Whatever the reason may be that a bonefish is swimming off our beaches, it is a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

via Bonefish catch once-in-a-lifetime experience – Fishing/Boating – BradentonHerald.com.

A bonefish in Florida?  What’s so odd about that?  Well, this bonefish was on the wrong side of the state.  So… this fish may actually be once-in-a-lifetime.  Check out the link to see the picture.

Well... that's weird.

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  1. Nice one. Believe it or not, bonefish are caught in and near the inlets of southwest Florida and up the east coast to Stuart, FL every summer. So far, the ones we have tested have all be Albula vulpes. Juveniles (3″ or so) are caught along southwest Florida beaches during summer as well. So far, all have been identified as Albula garcia. Figure that one out.

  2. I may owe a guy I met on the beach while snook fishing in Boca Grande an apology. He swore up and down that he had hooked a bone earlier in the day; I assumed he just couldn’t tell the difference between a bonefish and a ladyfish.

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