Maui and Me

Family vacation, not a fishing vacation, but, ya know, I’m going to bring a rod along.

We stayed at a resort for a conference my wife has signed up for in the “before COVID” times and this was our chance to actually get there and do it.

Maui isn’t known as a hot bonefish location, or as much of a fly fishing location. Sure, you can catch bones trolling in a kayak or jigging a fly with a spinning rod, but for the most part, this just isn’t a fly fishing destination. I knew that going in.

I fished three of the days, wading out on some old pipes as far as I could and seeing what was what. I managed to get broken off by what I think was a blue fin trevally and then I started to see some black triggers. The triggers became my prime targets, as I could see them.

Even these little triggers bite hard enough to bend a hook, as I found out. I had some crab flies from Christmas and used those with much stronger hooks and they worked well. The more realistic, the better.

I managed to land one black trigger, hooked and lost another and had a hand full of grabs I missed.

Man… they are prety.

There was a big of surf to contend with and there were a couple days it felt pretty stupid to be standing out there. One set came in that knocked me down. Glad my wife didn’t see that one or she may never let me fish again. The waves really were something to contend with and I have to say I didn’t totally enjoy that aspect of it.

It was not productive fishing, but I still enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to get out in the salt for a while and I really enjoyed just being there and doing it… scanning the water, trying to see what was happening, looking for fish, sometimes finding them. That part felt good… really good.

All my gear still works. My flies were mostly correct and un-corroded. My cast was still there. My boots hadn’t fallen apart. And… I caught a fish. That one fish felt really, really good.

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  1. Andrew Rosengarten


    I have Fly Fished on Maui and in and around the Kehi area for years. You are very correct in that it is not the best Fly Water. However, If you do your research you will have a bit more success, in the case you go again.

    I can send you a map, with some markings if you like, bu t keep to yourself. I just like reading you Blog and I am from the Bay area and grew up on Stripers and Catfish Fsihing both Salt and Freshwaters.

    I fyou are interested in a copy of the map of some areas let me know and sned me you address in San leandro,I think and I miss spelle dit off course. I spent time there as a kid, with a Family that my Parents survived the war with in Sahnghai, China.

    Many years ogo it took me almost three months to catch 20 Bonefish on the Fly. Maui is a much younger island than Kauai, so th flats are much more developed and it is better for the Bonefish.
    The area off off of the rocks in front of the Kehi Surfside can be interesting and up on the other side of town there are some more productive areas. Having said that it is not good or great but a lot of fun and like you, I loook forwrd to going back to Christmas Island, hopefully in March for me.

    A Spam and Egg Fly works and just letting a dark Tan or brownish fly set adn twitch on the bottomworks sometimes. Clousers work as well. Have a spare line though, as the rocks jus tlike to eat leaders adn Fly Lines. I also use an older pair of felt souled Korkers to stop me from slipping on the Lava and protect my toes.

    Captain John John takes people out as well,and he lives arund the Kehi area. Talk to fido at teh New Maui Fishing shop and also the fisn folk at the Maui Fsihng store.



  2. Kelly J Bandlow

    Very cool fish…add that to the species caught list

  3. Andy, I am on Maui right now. Any help with areas to fly fish for bonefish would be appreciated.

  4. bonefishbjorn

    Ya know… I can’t say I really know. I was fishing in front of a resort where there were three concrete pipes that went out into the water and I stood on those. It was SUPER dodgy as the surf would sometimes send in a bigger set and it was not comfortable. I could see some fish swimming out there and I managed to catch one. I also got knocked down by a wave and cut up my hand and leg. There probably are places you can go… I went out years ago with a guy, but it was mostly trolling. I found this guy doing a search –

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