MidCurrent + Chico Fernandez = Ruling

MidCurrent, as a fly fishing blog, is pretty ruling.  Chico Fernandez, as a bonefishing angler, is near deity status.  The two coming together can only result is some good, tasty, crunchy, sweet and salty (man, I’m hungry) bonefishing goodness… and, so it is.

Chico’s book is near my bed so I can grab  it and read a few lines if (really always) my wife is taking a bit too long to get ready for bed.

This little blog entry at MidCurrent should be at your fingertips as you head off to the bonefishy destination.  Seriously… a great read to remind you of all that stuff you can do wrong so you can try to avoid those mistakes.

Check out Chico’s book at Google Books here.  You can’t read the whole thing, but you can read enough of it to go buy it at Amazon.

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