May 11

Chico doing it right at MidCurrent

With some practice and experience, all the questions and answers will become second nature so that you are simply “doing” as much as thinking about what you are doing. And when you finally slip your hand over that big fat bonefish, the feeling of accomplishment is great. After taking a few thousand bonefish myself over many years, I still don’t take any part of the pursuit for granted.

via “Close to the Bone” | MidCurrent.


This photo was in a post about bonefishing written by good ole’ Chico.  I’m glad (and I bet Aaron is glad) that when it came time to select a photo of Chico with a bonefish they picked this one… the fish in the water, the release likely to be a good one, the fish probably surviving.

May 10

How about class from Chico and Flip?

I was reading Fly Fishing in Salt Waters and came across an ad for The Fly Shop of Ft. Lauderdale promoting a class, sometime this Fall, featuring Chico Fernandez and Flip Pallot.  Boy… that would  be some class, eh?

Dates were not given, although you were invited  to call (305) 669-5851, or email at theflyshop02@bellsouth.net.

The website is a place-holder, really.  No further information there, so, you’ll have to call or email.

Chico... he knows a thing or two.

Nov 09

Chico Dishes on Tippet

Oh Midcurrent, you give and give and give.  The lastest tid-bit I found on the Midcurrent.com site was Chico Fernandez dishing out advice on tippets for Saltwater.  Nice.

Wisdom.  Check it out.

Thanks Midcurrent and Chico.

Thanks Chico!

Sep 09

Chico Fernandez talks BIG Bonefish

Chico Fernandez seems like a really cool cat.  Sometimes these fly fishing luminaries can be assholes really full of themselves.  Chico doesn’t seem to have this particular affliction.  Maybe he does in “real life,” but I’ve found him to come across very humble in his writing.  Here, in the blog pages of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine, Chico dishes on hunting the Beeg Bones.

Check out his article.

Chico with a nice little fishy.

Sep 09

MidCurrent + Chico Fernandez = Ruling

MidCurrent, as a fly fishing blog, is pretty ruling.  Chico Fernandez, as a bonefishing angler, is near deity status.  The two coming together can only result is some good, tasty, crunchy, sweet and salty (man, I’m hungry) bonefishing goodness… and, so it is.

Chico’s book is near my bed so I can grab  it and read a few lines if (really always) my wife is taking a bit too long to get ready for bed.

This little blog entry at MidCurrent should be at your fingertips as you head off to the bonefishy destination.  Seriously… a great read to remind you of all that stuff you can do wrong so you can try to avoid those mistakes.

Check out Chico’s book at Google Books here.  You can’t read the whole thing, but you can read enough of it to go buy it at Amazon.