Nervous Water

I love this quote…

“Nervous water.”

No that’s not some kind of urological disorder.

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A story about success in Cherokee Sound in Abaco.

Nervous Water is always something amazing when you see it and there are a million things that look like nervous water… usually little bunches of turtle grass in the current.  Always screws me up.  When you are looking for fish, everything looks like fish… until nothing looks like fish.



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  1. phil thompson

    Read my story, “Hitchin to the bones.” See if you can’t picture one of the most beautiful things in nature _ or at least one of the most adrenalin spikes in bonefish land.
    Gaff magazine. May-June

  2. Water Management

    Water can be pretended in any way; nervous, dangerous, happy, evil, angry. Depends on the content of the story or mood of writer. As water is odorless and tasteless, it can also be treated in context of the story as well.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    I’m pretty sure this is a spam comment, but I thought it was a pretty cool comment anyway.

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