New Lodge for Grand Bahama… I’m not getting the math.

I don’t know the Bahamas… I haven’t been to most of it.  I have, however, been to Grand Bahama a couple of times and I’ve spent a total of 7 or 8 days fishing the East End near or beyond McLean’s Town.  I saw today that a new lodge was going in right near McLean’s Town and I had to scratch my head a bit.

There is no shortage of lodge options… there are the three very well known places, Deep Water Cay, North Point Riding Club and Pelican Bay.  There are also a few more lodges, including one on the West End that is supposed to be pretty nice.  The thing that IS in short supply is anglers, from what I understand.

(If you are headed to Grand Bahama to bonefish, try hooking up with Captain Perry… I had him as a guide and he was fantastic)

You ask a Grand Bahamian about the economy or about international travel and they will tell you that things aren’t super awesome on those fronts.

So, I start to wonder who this new lodge will cater to?  If the other lodges are largely empty for large swaths of the year (as I have been told by a couple people is the case on GBI)… well… what’s the math?

From the story:

The bonefishing lodge will initially start with five rooms according to Russell and will include a nature trail leading toward the back creek and a lodge room that will house a dining-room, bar, and other amenities.

via The Freeport News – $450,000 Bonefish Lodge for McLean’s Town.

The good news, I guess, is that I can’t see a lot of mangroves being ripped up or flats being dredged.  McLean’s Town is a living, breathing town with roads and power-lines and churches and domino games.  The place does seem a tad run-down, but in a “we’ve been through some rough winds” kind of way.

Hope it works out and does well… but from the very little I know about the economics of fly fishing, international travel and the American economy… well…

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  1. You talking about East End Lodge. Have you been there? They want about two G’s for five guided days. How is the DYI option there? I’ll check out Perry if I get that far.

  2. When I was on GBI last there was no lodge there, so this would be a new place… maybe it is up already, but that seems like fast work. I was there about a year ago.

    The DIY in GBI can be really tough. There are probably some great places, but folks are pretty tight lipped about what’s out there since it is such an easy place to get to. I know the places I found had pretty educated fish. I brought a kayak one trip, but didn’t use it… wish I had though.

  3. Just looked at East End Lodge… not that place… this is a new place actually in (or really close) to McLean’s Town.

  4. Windmill Hunter

    Just a week in Freeport GBI diving. On the last day we rented a car and drove down to the east end. Found the new East End Lodging. Looked like a nice place. Sets on the far-east end of town with security fence all around. Great views. Can’t seem to pull up the website though.

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