New World Record?

I know bonefish get big. I’ve seen a few monsters. I’ve maybe hooked one large, really large bone. I’ve landed none of those. A lot of it comes down to where you are… some places seem to grow big fish, others provide good fishing, but not big fish.

I saw this story from Flylords pop into my feed. I mean… check that out.

My mind doesn’t wrap around it really well. My largest bone to hand is about 7.5 pounds and I mean a real 7.5, not a guide’s 7.5 (aka, a 5 pounder). I’ve seen bones over 10, for sure… in Grand Bahama, in Kauai, in Cuba even… but I’ve never landed one and have maybe only hooked one and it didn’t stay on long.

A nice dream to have. Well done lads.

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