The time I almost went bonefishing in 2022

COVID has not been kind to my bonefishing. In fact, I haven’t had a chance to throw at a bonefish since 2019. That’s too long.

Back at Thanksgiving we made it to Kauai, although we were on the South Side, not up in the North where the only place I know of to catch bones on Kauai can be found. Still, is was beautiful and we had a good time.

Now, this wasn’t a “Bjorn fishing trip.” It was a family trip and so we did family things (zip-lining and tubing) and while I had fishing stuff, it wasn’t clear when I’d be fishing. Additionally, we were there with another family and I was supposed to go fishing with our friend’s dad. I brought gear. I was ready to go, but I realized that the elder was not going to be up for wading a flat. I checked with Rob, who guides on the Island, and we planned a day later in the week.

The day came and Rob told us that the surf was crashing over the reef and the flat was unfishable.

Just like that, my bonefishing shot was gone. I finished another year without a bonefish. It kills me a little bit inside.

I did throw a bit off some rocks with a spinning rod down in the South and managed to catch one pretty nice Blue Fin Trevally. I tried with a fly, but didn’t get another eat. I also fell on the rocks and bloodied my back a bit. My son said “We should leave. If mom was here she’d tell you to go back.” Of course, I didn’t… but wasn’t rewarded.

That was my almost bonefishing in 2022. That was it.

Next year I’m going bonefishing. My passport application is sitting in front of me filled out, but without postage. Still, it is happening. Family trip to Belize is on the books. It is going down.

I miss it and think about it often. See y’all in 2023!

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