News pending tomorrow

Well, it has been quiet here at Bonefish on the Brain world headquarters, but I suspect there will be news tomorrow. There should be news out of ICAST and I’m waiting to hear exactly what that is.

It has been a long year and I don’t expect any resolution. A shallow shoreline generally means the water is shallow too, meaning what you can’t see is often similar to what you can and what we have seen is just a long back-and-forth between Tourism (yay) and Fisheries (boo).

I do know that whatever is being announced has not been shared with the Abaco Fly Fishing Guide’s Association (we like them), which is one of those things that makes me a little uneasy.

So, we wait.

Feels like staking out a channel for tarpon and just waiting for them to show up. Long bouts of boredom followed my mere moments of thrashing, banging, crazy activity.


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  1. Thanks for keeping an eye on things.

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