Nice fish Derek

It wasn’t that long ago that Derek was chasing browns in the E. Walker.  Derek and I started to get to know each other through facebook and twitter and I followed him online after one trip to Florida when it became that Derek was not going to stay in Tahoe… he was going to head to Florida and make it all happen.  Sometime between Florida and Tahoe Derek and I actually went fishing for Surf Perch.  We didn’t do awesome, but it was a first for us.  Derek sent me some flies, I’ve sent him some flies.  He is a good guy and if I make it to FL next year, I’ll fish with Derek for sure.

Glad to say that he’s done that.  He now works at Saltwater Exerience in the Keys and just a couple days ago he ran into a big, big bone.  Good on ya Derek.


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  1. Yeah Rusty!

    Good on ya man, sweet fish! We gotta catch up soon.


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