NYT Travel Writer Sam Sifton and Los Roques

I knew Sam Sifton had made a journey to Los Roques and I had been patiently waiting for his article to appear in the e-pages of the New York Times travel section.  Sam, as you will see, has a knack for writing, which may answer the question you may ask “How does someone get a gig writing for the NYT?”  While he normally is writing about food and the culinary intrigue of the Big Apple, we are fortunate that  Sam also happens to love bonefish.

A little sample…

It was warm enough to pad shirtless up to the tiled roof of a little hotel in the middle of the village, and to see the view there stretch out to box the compass. It came up against, in turn, the sea, the sea, the blackened sea and the rise of a bare and sandy hill, steep and amazing so far from other land. As I gazed up from a wooden deck chair, sleepiness fell upon me like a rug.

What can I say?  I’m a fan of writing like that.

This isn’t Sam’s first piece on bonefishing.  I spotted his previous article about fishing Acklins with beloved guide Fidel.

Photo by Chris Ramirez, NYT

You can follow Sam’s twitter feed (about 1% fishing, 99% food stuff).

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