Jun 14

Shane goes (back) to Los Roques

My buddy Shane did a hosted trip to Los Roques, as he does every year or two, and he put together this little video.

Makes me want to go to Los Roques very much.

Sep 13

Los Roques looks nice…

Very Nice…

As seen at Chi Wulff

Mar 13

A LR Grand Slam

My world view is a little off, I suppose. I hear that Hugo Chavez has died and the first thing that comes to mind is Los Roques.

I’ve never been, but I know plenty of people who have and it sounds like a pretty cool place. Pelicans crashing schools of baitfish and the bones slurping up the stunned fish… yeah, I might be up for that.

Saw a story about a grand slam in the LR over at Fly Paper, Scott Heywood’s blog. One fish stood out… that is one big trigger.

Damn big fish there.

Damn big fish there.

Feb 12

LR vid I can’t understand.

Some interesting looking conditions… gotta love the wind.  No idea what he’s saying.  This is in Los Roques.

Oct 11

The Deal with Los Roques and Nationalization

Douchebag-in-Chief, Hugo, is nationalizing some property in Los Roques (saw this on Buster Wants to Fish).

Of course, that made me (and lots of other folks) wonder “What’s this mean for the lodges and bonefishing?”

I reached out to Jim Klug of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing to see what he was hearing from his partner down at Sightcast.  This is what he heard back:

We read this article and a couple of similar ones.  This is not the first
time case a similar is in the media but this time the news was all around
the world.

We do not see any issue with our operation or Los Roques regular tourism.
Chavez said that he will expropriate some 9 houses that are located at
Madrisky (the nearest beach of Gran Roque) and a couple of houses at the
end of the air strip. The first ones since the goverment says that they
were built without authorization and that the place is a private island
which is not legally possible and the ones at end of airport for security
reasons.  Besides this, the National Park is looking to revoke 3 or 4
concessions of lodges that were transferred to third parties some years
ago without authorization.  These cases have been discussed during the
last 3 or 4 years but seems that now is when the government is taking an

Most of the lodges, fishing operations, scuba diving, etc. that need
authorization and are legally in place (as Sight Cast, for example), will
not have any problems so we think that these current actions will not have
an effect at all in terms of regular tourism.

It is a lot about politics and also, seems that this specific article
strenght thing that fears investors, etc. a lot of media without complete

During the last 12 years, we have dealt with similar issues and some
people understand that there is a lot of politics but will not affect
their fishing or vacation. We will inform you if any development that
affect us happens but we think this will not happen.

There… that’s from the horse’s mouth.  So, go ahead and plan your Los Roques trip and don’t worry about the one you had on the books.

Jun 10

Los Roques with an Aussie

The path to get to Los Roques if you happen to be in Australia is not a straightforward one…

If ever there was a fly fishing destination to challenge the dedication of even the best to us; this is it. Melbourne to Los Angeles. Los Angeles to Miami. Miami to Caracas. Caracas to Los Roques. After all the flying, luggage dramas, cancelled flights and added expenses; we are finally here.

That takes a lot of dedication and a real desire to be “there.”  When the “there” is Los Roques, that kind of makes sense.

Here’s the story from Anthony Boliancu’s blog.

Lots of these down there in LR

PS – World Cup is going on… and the US got a point of England… fantastic!  GO USA!

Apr 10

The Danish Invasion (of Los Roques)

The Danes have invaded Los Roques… turns out they caught a bunch  of fish and then went back home.  Lars, Knud, Lasse and Thomas spent two weeks down in LR and caught at least one of everything, it appears.

Basically, it sounds like they had a blast.


The Danish Invasion

There were a few of negatives… like no electricity for a couple of hot nights with warm beer… yes… warm beer.

The DIY anglers also sounds like there are some growing challenges…

Furthermore the number of fishermen were larger than ever end also the number of other tourist and this increased the pressure on the beaches and flats available for the guideless flyfishers – the cheapskates  i.e. us most of the time. For example kite surfers can really destroy a flat when they cross it at 50 km/h.

Their guide was Chapin… I found a reference to a LR guide named Chapin here, but I don’t know if that’s him or not.

Mar 10

NYT Travel Writer Sam Sifton and Los Roques

I knew Sam Sifton had made a journey to Los Roques and I had been patiently waiting for his article to appear in the e-pages of the New York Times travel section.  Sam, as you will see, has a knack for writing, which may answer the question you may ask “How does someone get a gig writing for the NYT?”  While he normally is writing about food and the culinary intrigue of the Big Apple, we are fortunate that  Sam also happens to love bonefish.

A little sample…

It was warm enough to pad shirtless up to the tiled roof of a little hotel in the middle of the village, and to see the view there stretch out to box the compass. It came up against, in turn, the sea, the sea, the blackened sea and the rise of a bare and sandy hill, steep and amazing so far from other land. As I gazed up from a wooden deck chair, sleepiness fell upon me like a rug.

What can I say?  I’m a fan of writing like that.

This isn’t Sam’s first piece on bonefishing.  I spotted his previous article about fishing Acklins with beloved guide Fidel.

Photo by Chris Ramirez, NYT

You can follow Sam’s twitter feed (about 1% fishing, 99% food stuff).

Mar 10

Another TIF Bonefish Gem

TIF = This is Fly… a great e-zine full of fly fishy goodness.

One story that has stuck in the dark recesses of my brain was a story by Kevin Perry called Ninjas and a Saltwater Dragon.  The trip was to Los Roques, a brothers and wives fly fishing trip.

Of the fishing Kevin said:

It’s bonefishing is notorious for both quantity and quality but ends up on more people’s to do lists than on their biography.

I love that line.  That line has driven me on a bit towards my own personal pursuit of bonefish/saltwater flyfishing.  I like the idea of moving the stuff that is really important from the to-do to the biography.

Hope you enjoy it.

Nov 09

Los Roques Report (no, not mine)

What’s it like to fish Los Roques?  I have no frigging idea.  Well, I have an IDEA, I just have no experience to speak of. So, read this guy’s experience.