Origin of the Sky

Well… this looks like a bit of awesome sauce. Love the slo-mo bonefish eat.

I have yet to fish the Caribbean side of Mexico and I’d very much like to do so. My wife happens to speak Spanish, something a Dr. in California finds need of for sure. I plan to exploit her knowledge.



  1. The paradox is that you will probably listen to more English in Mexico’s Caribbean coast than in Miami. Awesome video, thanks for sharing, and I hope to see you soon casting a line over here.

  2. Spanish speaking is useful for this doc in Virginia too! Amazing how the bones came so close to eat!

  3. Awesome Video ,keep posting more of these. Did you have to wait much for that bonefish eat shot ?

  4. I didn’t take the video, I’m just sharing it.

  5. Oh, but a great video nonetheless :),

  6. Nice video! I like the sky views. Man that whole island is worth looking from sky, looks fantastic.

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