Overheard on the drive home

Dinner was more or less a disaster.  Her shoes came off at some point and she proceeded to run around the outside eating area.  She hardly touched her food and didn’t have more than 2 or 3 sips of her $5 chocolate shake.  A FIVE DOLLAR CHOCOLATE SHAKE.  Then, the meltdown fully expanded into writhing on the bench, whines, cries and finally me picking her up, putting her over my shoulder and carrying her off to the car.  Yeah… that was dinner with friend Colin and his daughter over in Santa Cruz tonight.

I explained the things she had lost for that little episode.  Books, songs, bath time… straight to bed when we got home.

We drove past a reservoir and she piped up “Look! Bonefish! Tarpon!”

“Dad, when I’m 5 I get to go with you to the Ba- Hamas wiff you and I get to catch bonefish wiff you and I get to have my own rod and everything.”


Yeah… almost made me forget the bad parts of the evening. Silly girl.

Love that girl

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  1. Ah,
    Santa Cruz…one of my five favorite places. You had to be driving past Lexington, or better yet, (although I doubt it) Crystal Springs. Don’t know about bonefish, but there are baby tarpon sized trout in C.S. Don’t worry, that silly girl will be casting better than you in about 7-8 years from now.
    By the way, you ever tried your hand at steelhead fishing over that way?

  2. Yeah, that was Lexington. I’ve long heard rumors of CS monster trout… but have not pulled off the trespassing needed to find them!

    I actually have caught a steelhead out of the SL, but have not fished for them in ages. Really, I haven’t fished for steelhead in probably 5 years… need to do that this winter and likely will. Probably up on the T or the Klamath though… ya know, places where there are decent numbers.

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