Ozzie Bones

I haven’t looked too much to see if there were bones in Australia, but this little story popped up courtesy of The River’s Edge blog/website about a bonefish caught near Exmouth in Western Australia.

Now, given the price of airfare to Australia, it certainly won’t be a budget trip for anyone living in the States, but it does underscore the range of this favorite gamefish.  If you happen to find yourself headed for Western Australia, pack that 8 wt. and tie up some Gotcha’s.

Australian Bonefish... and now you know.

PS – Happy Birthday to my dad, who has his birthday today, April 30.  He got me fishing at a young age and kept me interested by routinely outfishing me for steelhead on the Klamath River.  Once we discovered fly fishing, he kept me interested by underfishing me on the Upper Sacramento.  We’ve fly fished British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon and Grand Bahama together (and California, of course) and aside from the gas, you couldn’t ask for a better fishing partner or father.  Thanks dad and Happy Birthday.

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