Permit… I don’t know you

I’ve been doing the reasons I mostly love and hate a little bit the various species out there.

I can’t do permit.

I don’t know them well enough to have an opinion. I’ve caught one small permit and I’ve cast at maybe 6 others. They are mostly very fleeting memories.The shots were there and then gone and once they were gone they were permanently gone. They don’t stick around and let you flail at them, from my very limited experience.

What I have experienced of actually setting out and fishing for permit is that you need to be prepared to do a lot of standing around and looking for them. Mostly, you don’t see them, or you don’t see them where you need them (up-wind and 200 feet away, moving away, doesn’t help).

So, permit, I’ll spare you from the list. Maybe, in time, when I have a few more days of fruitless permit fishing and another couple blown shots I’ll have more to say.

Until then, permit, until then.

Permit.  Not a world record, but a frigging permit!

Permit. Not a world record, but a frigging permit!


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  1. Crystal meth tweekers, permit are.

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