Predictions – 2013

I’m feeling a bit prescient today (I think I learned that word from the Dune books), so I figure I should take advantage of this and let you all know some things that seem, through the mists of time, sure to be true in 2013.

  • I will find myself in Grand Bahama in April (OK, this one is easy since I just bought the tickets) and I will throw a fly at bonefish (at least one and likely more).
  • The blog will continue, growing marginally, slowly, organically (because I don’t advertise).
  • Politics and the inability of our leaders to find common ground and work together will continue to be the greatest threat to American security.
  • Gear makers will make new gear and this gear will be slightly more expensive than their best gear from last year.
  • In a blind test, you will be unable to tell the difference between their top gear from the last three years.
  • I will intend to tie way, way more flies than I will actually tie.
  • Sharks will be caught off the Dumbarton Pier by my girl and I.
  • Dozens of new blogs will start and 2 or 3 will get past 6 posts within 6 months of their founding.
  • The Fiberglass Manifesto, This River is Wild, Flatswalker and the Skinny Water Culture Blog will continue to be favorites.
  • Writing the blog will continue to be an overall very positive experience, sparking good conversations, teaching me things and otherwise being fun.

Let’s see how close I come to the mark. Happy 2013 everyone.

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  1. That’s a pretty good list, but you didn’t really overextend yourself by making at least one near-impossible prediction or resolution. C’mon, throw the readers a bone and predict something say you’ll do something really crazy!!!!! Tarpon on a 2wt? People living on moon bases?

    And I’m hurt that I’m not a favourite…but I’ll get over it & maybe even try harder ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Moon bases… that’s 2014.

    I like your blog Mat, I just need to get in the habit of reading it more. I use Pulse to keep track of the blogs out there and sometimes it is hard to focus in on one in particular. Keep it up, man.

    Near impossible prediction? My wife, double hauling, by 2014. Bam.

  3. The Keys.

    (oh yes, still working on this one…)

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