As I look out at the life and work commitments through the end of 2015 I see no daylight for the long rod.

Fall used to be just about my favorite time to fish. The fish seemed hungry, the rivers were emptying of people as either college football or the NFL took up weekends for people less interested in trout than I was.


The McCloud. Closing. Where I am not.

The threat of cold fronts or hurricanes has mostly kept me from looking to the flats, although I know the fish are still there, still eating and maybe seeing less pressure now than in April or May.

Now, however, now I see no possibilities. I’m back to mostly weekends with my daughter during the school year, so I can’t go wander around my rivers whenever I want. There is also the wife and the boy to think about as well.

Later in November and December it is conference time in my world. Nephrology in San Diego and Hematology in Orlando (let me know if you are going to be there). There is prep for those conferences and then follow-up and the Holidays.

The fishing? I don’t know where it fits in. Not like I live in Miami. Not like I can really just go fishing without preparation and airfare and hotels and gathering of gear and intel.

It seems like there a couple of sweet spots both younger than I am now and older than I am now where the fishing prospects are bright. Now… now I just get to look at the pictures and read the stories and think about where I’m going to go in 2016 when I’ll get back out on the water again.



  1. Orlando is not that far from the Mosquito Lagoon. Make time to fish while you are there. Life is short 😉

  2. There’s a poster on the wall at my jiu jitsu training facility that reads “if it’s important enough you’ll make time for it”…easier said for a bachelor with no kids. But don’t ever lose that fire, there’s a tribe of us out there always in need of an extra.

    Football is great to watch and spend time on when you’re injured or simply cannot walk, until then I’ll be chucking meat with the hopes of a 20″+ brown getting really pissed off.

    Tight Lines,

  3. This post makes me sad. You will find or make time to do it!

  4. Cindy beat me to it. Any time I had to go to Orlando I always took an extra couple days or stayed over the week end and fished the Indian River / Mosquito Lagoon / Banana (No motor) Channel. Reds and specks. Just bring a SmartWool base layer and a rain jacket.

  5. Check out some of the ocean surf spots in San Diego like Torrey Pines, near one of Tiger’s favorite golf courses. A record sized white sea bass was caught in the surf just north of here (San Diego) not long ago – light tackle, too. There are bonefish in the harbor but they’re not like those in Abaco…

    Also, check out – as good as any shop I’ve seen in Miami, almost on a par with Florida Fly Fishing Outfitters in Isla Morada and The Black Fly Outfitters in Jacksonville, FL. Good luck! Depending on when you’re here I may join you.

  6. Looks like I’m not first to the punch on Orlando opportunities. You can also go west from there. Tampa isn’t that far away. There is some fantastic snook and redfishing there. All it would take is booking an extra night in the hotel and delaying the flight by a day and you’d be cooking for a day on the water to satiate yourself.

  7. Sounds good GrantMH. I’ll let you know when I’m there.

  8. I’m starting to think about the spring or winter and a little get away. Nothing big, nothing formal. I have to stay flexible for a host of reasons.

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