Here’s an idea to chew on.

Just doing something doesn’t really mean you learn anything from the doing. Research points to “focused reflection” being key to learning from anything you do. It is too easy to experience something and let it fade from your thoughts, leaving nothing behind.

If you take some time after your day on the water, after you land or lose that big fish, to talk through it, to think about the how and the why or the why not, you will stand a chance to actually grow in some way from that experience.

Fishing trips seem particularly well suited for this. What do we do when we get off the water but sit around and tell stories?

I like the coming together of the theory and the practice.

Shooting the shit... and learning.

Shooting the shit… and learning.


PS… if you want to fish Ragged with me March 15-22, you can. Let’s do it.

Let's go fish here.

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  1. Again, good stuff here. Agree completely. That’s why I journal (Flatswalker Chronicles). It’s why pics and video are good. It’s also so much better in a group (like above pic where everyone but me realizes zip-off pants make you look silly), face-to-face. YouTube and blogs are all very well, but w/o the face to face interaction we (me) tend to immediately jump to the conclusion that the person offering the advice is a moron based on nothing more than their silly avatar, or their voice, or the fact that they wear zip-off pants. Or maybe it’s just me.

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