River Therapy, Day Two

Earlier in the week my dad and I went on a second river therapy day, again on the Lower Sacramento River. This time we went with Fred Gordon, guide and artist from Dunsmuir. Fred was the guy who took me out, many, many years ago, where it all clicked and I learned how to nymph, which is to say I learned how to be a California Fly Fisherman.

Dad and Fred and a nice Lower Sac trout

Dad and Fred and a nice Lower Sac trout

Again, the fishing was fantastic and my dad and I had a really good time.

On a river, or on a flat, the world’s tragedies and sorrows melt away and there is only the fish and the water and the people you are with. That’s the way it was on this day. Jetting up river, floating down and catching fish or talking about caught fish from years and trips gone by.

When we got off the river the sorrow was still there, but at least we had that day, and for a short time, life was about as good as it gets.



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