Trout are fun

I’m spending a few days with my dad and one of the things my dad and I do together is fish. So, we fished today.

After dropping my daughter off in San Jose for school, I hit the road, stopping in Redding for a half day of fishing with my dad and guide/friend Andrew Harris of Confluence Outfitters.

A nice fish.

A nice fish.

The day was, to put it mildly, very nice.

We caught fish. We caught a lot of fish and many of those fish were big. I caught a 23″, 22″, and several 20″ fish, in addition to a few in the high teens.  My dad caught some very nice fish as well.

It is just a very nice thing to have a good day on the water with my dad. I think we both needed that.

Fish on!

Fish on!

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  1. Eric English

    Super nice fish and weather. The fact that you’re doing that with your dad at this time is unforgettable. Peace be on both your heads.

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