Sage One at Andros South

Ran across this story on the Sage Facebook page yesterday… pretty funny stuff.

This is the victim rod, a new, first time fished Sage ONE. At one point is was a four piece, eight weight, now I’m no longer sure. Between these two pieces was about six inches that has been chewed and gone. Notice the gnawed-off cork handle; yum! To add insult to injury, the fly line on the reel was chewed through and gone. So what is this mysterious monster Potcake that consumes fly rods?

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  1. One of the changes at the Andros South lodge this year were the addition of a couple of resident dogs and cats. They are living with their owner in the bungalow that is steps to the Slack Tide Bar.
    This past November the “potcake” dog belonging to our friend Sparkles was suspected of borrowing one of my Simms wading socks from my boot. You can hardly blame a dog for finding the wading equipment attractive as it contained a plethora of canine desirable aromas. The dog should of taken them both as one sock is almost as useless.
    As is traditional, the socks had been stuffed into my boots on the sidewalk outside my room drying in the Bahamian sun. When my sock came up missing my options were to borrow a pair from Rick Sissler the lodge manager or to suffer with coral grit grinding away at my feet an ankles for the balance of the week. I opted for the loaners.
    For days I had scoured the grounds, the beach and other haunts that he dogs frequented looking for the sock with no success. A few days later one of Docs wading boots disappeared from the front side of his room, the “potcake” dog was suspect once again.
    On the morning of departure 20 minutes before Kermit picked us up for the airport Wayne from our group found my sock on the beach. Maybe the marl smell had since dissipated from the sock and the dog had abandoned his new found chew toy.
    The recovery saved me $40.00 and the temptation to spend more on bonefish gear, probably hundreds of dollars. Maybe that dog is on Wayne’s payroll….Doc’s boot was also recovered some distance away from his room that morning.
    I am glad the dogs are continuing to add interest to the Anrdos South experience, however I am pleased they did not find an appetite for my fly rods….you can’t replace history. Pete V.

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