Scott’s #1 Fly

Scott Heywood has been doing a series on his top bonefish patterns. He release #1 and it is the Ververka’s Mantis Shrimp.

Scott's top fly.

Scott’s top fly.

I will admit to having none of these in any of my fly boxes. There are so many patterns I have never fished. You have confidence in a few patterns and the only time you switch up is when that isn’t working (which isn’t the best time to see if something different will work) or when it is just so easy that anything will work (those are magical days).

It is amazing how confident I feel when I am fishing a fly I have confidence in, while at the same time I know that confidence is a totally abstract and subjective thing.



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  1. Looks awsome!!

  2. same thing my guide gave me last time on mangrove cay

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