Seychelles-esque, but a bit further south and safer.

When I started wondering what was happening in the Seychelles one of the folks I contacted was Rich French of Slipstream Angling.  Rich confirmed about the mother ship closures and told me he’d been booking clients a bit further south.  I had just read about St. Brandons Atoll in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters (which I got on my iPad).  It sounds kind of… well… amazing.

Cheap, it ain’t.  A quick look at the lack of gold bullion in the home vault and it is clear I won’t be booking to St. Brandons unless/until my dog starts dropping golden craps… which would be nice on several levels.  St. Brandons is about $8,600 a week and I doubt that includes you getting there or tips.

Still… it sounds really, really, really nice.

In terms of species, St Brandons offers the finest big bonefish opportunities on the planet. Fish up to 15 pounds have been caught during the last year with larger fish routinely seen and cast to. On an early incoming tide, guests can expect to see a combination of huge schools of bonefish, along with large cruising singles and doubles. This destination also holds some of the best Indo Pacific Permit opportunities found anywhere. And for guests looking to fish Giant Trevally, some absolute monsters have been landed over the past 6 months. The hard packed white sand flats offer superb visibility and anglers can see waves of bonefish and other species coming in from a great distance away.

via Slipstreamangling :: Extraordinary Waters Worldwide.

Fantastic shot... but let's see your elbows.

Here is a nice… really nice slideshow put together by the folks at Fly Water Travel, who, as I’m getting used to saying, I’ve also done an interview with.

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  1. I wish I hadnt seen this, looks like a great place to visit!

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