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When I posted on Facebook that I needed to get a new face sun guard for my trip, I quickly heard from Vince over at Skinny Water Culture. “I’ve got your back,” he said.  And he did.

In the mail the day before my trip I got a new hat, a couple new Stalker Masks (UV face masks) and even one of their micro-fiber shirts.

The blue buff and the hat were really never off my body for a moment of fishing.  The Micro-Fiber shirt I loved, but only wore one day on the water (tarpon hunting).  I love it when the new, emerging guys just really kill it and Skinny Water Culture just continues to pound out great products.

The Stalker Mask was comfortable and kept me burn free.  Really, you can’t argue with these things and if your complexion is at all Northern Europeany, like mine… you should get one of these by next weekend.  Before I wore my first sun mask, I thought they would be too warm.  I was wrong.  I’m used to them now and I really don’t fish hot and sunny places without them.

SWC on display

The Micro-Fiber shirt is just great.  Cool and great protection from those harsh tropical rays, you can really see the direction of flats clothing and I have to say… I’m a fan.

A good shirt to have under the Belizean sun.

The hat is my new, go-to hat and I like how the underside of the bill is gray, darker… makes it easier on those bright and sunny days.

Good work guys.  Keep after it!

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