Soulfish isn’t all bonefish, but it not only has a few, but it also has a few of my favorite fishing folks in it.  The guy behind the camera (and sometime in front of it) is Mikey Wier.  Mikey guides, produces videos and is a Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador (see his favorite gear here).  I’ve been lucky enough to fish with Mikey a couple of times up here on the Little Truckee and the East Walker.  He’s a passionate conservationist in addition to being one  hell of an angler.

One of the featured anglers in Soulfish is Rachel Andras.  I met Rachel when she was working in Redding and she will likely be the #1 role model I’ll point to when my daughter gets old enough to start asking if girls fish too.

You can buy  Soulfish here.

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my little girl, who turns three today.

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